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Project ID: FJI/19/030
Date of request: 03 May 2019
Country: Fiji
Project location: Rakiraki, Ra, Fiji
Project status: Project in progress
Fiji Beekeepers Association is a national organization representing the interests of Fijian beekeepers. Some of our beekeepers want to start exporting honey, but the moisture content in our honey exceeds international standards due to our tropical humid environment. During the past 20 years Fiji's beekeepers have increased honey production so that Fiji is now 100% self-sufficient in honey production. Based on Fiji's capability to produce organic honey and interest from overseas for Fijian honey, we believe we have [...]
Project ID: SOI/09/010
Date of request: 03 Feb 2009
Country: Solomon Islands
Project location: Takwa Village, North Malaita
Project status: Project progress/final reports received

Employment, income generation and improvement of living conditions by fishing activities and marketing of fresh fish.

Project ID: PNG/06/013
Date of request: 13 Mar 2006
Country: Papua New Guinea
Project location: Goroka. Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Project status: Project in progress

To establish small-scale honey extraction facilities in each of the districts in which a beekeeping association is active so that (i) farmers will be able to produce a higher value product (extracted honey) rather than having to transport unprocessed hone