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Middle East

Project ID: ARM/09/040
Date of request: 13 Oct 2009
Country: Armenia
Project location: Jrashen community, Lori Marz/Province, Republic of Armenia
Project status: Project in progress

Support the farmers’ group to construct an agricultural products market (with a light cover/roof, counters and sanitation) near Jrashen community located on Yerevan-Vanadzor highway. This roadside market will enhance the sale of agricultural products at small marketing costs

Project ID: TUR/04/140
Date of request: 10 Dec 2004
Country: Turkey
Project location: Çirali, Kemer-Antalya on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.
Project status: Project in progress

The project aims to encourage and introduce farmers to organic agriculture through the provision of materials such as organic plant protection to farmers recently involved in organic agriculture and of consultancy services during their first year of produ