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If the project is approved, we may require a Skype interview with you or a representative of your association.
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Project location
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Requested funding ($USD)
Typically our max funding is $USD5000
Description of project - Please complete ALL fields as far as possible.
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Total project budget ($USD)
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Please provide information on who will benefit from the project: geographical location, approximate number, age group, sex, occupation if any
What would be the contribution of the beneficiaries or the community to the project (e.g. land, labour, materials) ?
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What is the relationship between those submitting the project and the project beneficiaries?
Describe clearly and briefly the problem(s) that the project will attempt to solve and the proposed solution(s):
Please describe the outputs of the project
Please describe the outputs of the project
(e.g. in terms of buildings, infrastructure, services provided, training, etc.)
What use will be made of the 1% Fund contribution in terms of materials, equipment, tools, transport, etc. Provide the cost of each item. SALARIES AND LABOUR COSTS ARE NOT COVERED.
Is the 1% Fund contribution the only one sought for this project? If not, what other amounts are you expecting from other sources? Are these additional amounts already secured?
Have you ever requested funding from this 1% Fund before ?Mandatory field
Have you ever requested funding from other 1% Funds or charities before? Mandatory field
Who will supervise the project and prepare progress reports for the 1% Fund? A progress report is required twice a year.
What is the expected duration of the project?
Who will continue to manage or supervise the project after its completion?
Who informed you about the existence of 1% Fund for Development and suggested that you write to the Fund for assistance?
Please give names, addresses and contact details of two references from your area or your country who can vouch for this project
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