The Rome group presently counts some 112 members and the entire amount of their contributions, around US$92,000 a year, is allocated directly to projects, without overhead costs since the Fund is managed by members themselves, all volunteers.

Since 1983, nearly $1,200,000.00 were disbursed by the Rome group to fund some 230 projects! Some of these projects and their project description are available in this section - select the subcategories (regions) from the menu bar or from the options below.

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Project ID: GHA/13/098
Date of request: 19 Jul 2013
Country: Ghana
Project location: Santokofi Bume village
Project status: Project in progress
see below
Project ID: IND/13/093
Date of request: 22 Jun 2013
Country: India
Project location: semi urban areas in and around Vazhapadi, Belur and Ayodhypattinam.
Project status: Project in progress
Azolla culture, which is best for feeding cows, poultry, ducks, pigs and is good manure for lands
Project ID: KEN/13/091
Date of request: 20 Jun 2013
Country: Kenya
Project location: Central Kisii.
Project status: Project in progress
The project entails development of integrated agricultural production and environmental conservation systems that will promote horticulture production as a business as well as conserve the environment. The steep degraded valley sides of our area will be terraced and terraces planted with soil stabilizing tree species and fruits as well as grasses e.g nappier and banner grass. Tree nurseries will also be developed in valley bottoms and used for agro-forestry activities in the area and crop residues and all other forms [...]
Project ID: PAK/13/072
Date of request: 19 Jun 2013
Country: Pakistan
Project location: The target village No. 34, District Khanewal, is located on the banks of the Chenab River in the geographic center of the country the target Village No. 135, of Khanewal
Project status: Project in progress
The target area in Punjab province is Pakistan's third largest city according to area and its fifth largest by population. Located on the banks of the Chenab River in the geographic center of the country the target Village No.34, of District Khanewal. The target area consists of 600 families (total population 4,200). The marginalized poor in this area, who suffered heavily from floods in 2010, have no access to government support to regain from the enormous damage to life and [...]
Project ID: IND/13/073
Date of request: 14 Jun 2013
Country: India
Project location: periyavelli, Kuttakarai panchayat
Project status: Project in progress

This sustainable livelihood project is a one year project for the Malayalee Tribal women of Jawadhu Hills

Jawadhu Hills is situated around 55 kms from Tiruvannamalai. The Malayalee tribe, a primitive tribe people are living in Jawadhu Hills. here are about 60000 population living. In Jamunamarathur hills, there are about 116 small villages (hamlets) one of the most backward panchayat is called Kuttakarai, Kuttakarai panchayat is having around 3000 population. All are tribal people only, The tribal peopleare living in poverty, illiteracy and ill health. In Kuttakarai panchayat, Periyavelli is one of the villages where about [...]