The Rome group presently counts some 112 members and the entire amount of their contributions, around US$92,000 a year, is allocated directly to projects, without overhead costs since the Fund is managed by members themselves, all volunteers.

Since 1983, nearly $1,200,000.00 were disbursed by the Rome group to fund some 230 projects! Some of these projects and their project description are available in this section - select the subcategories (regions) from the menu bar or from the options below.

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Project ID: IND/14/038
Date of request: 18 Mar 2014
Country: India
Project location: Thiruvarur
Project status: Project in progress
India is not yet declared as a Polio free Country. A national Polio eradication campaign is still going on. Long before this, Polio had played havoc in villages. A sizable number of disabled persons, due to Polio can be seen in very village. The incentives enjoyed by the present generation of disabled children were not available some years back. Hence, the disabled children could not reach school then. So they remain illiterate now. The disabled men mange to survive [...]
Project ID: UGA/14/035
Date of request: 14 Mar 2014
Country: Uganda
Project location: northern uganda
Project status: Completed
Whereas water is an important resource and its life, during current resettlement in Obalanga after the war it’s a crisis and an emergency in this era, people deserted this community and water springs become bushy and where being used by wild animals, the two unprotected springs continued supplying unsafe water to surrounding homes for consumption coupled with worse hygienic condition and lack of reasonable alternative access to safe clean [...]
Project ID: BDI/14/030
Date of request: 05 Mar 2014
Country: Burundi
Project location: Rutovu Commune in Bururi Province
Project status: Project in progress
The proposed pig farming project aims at providing quality technical and financial support to rural pig farmers's association located in Rutovu Commune of Bururi Province in southern Burundi. Farmers will be trained in improved pig farming techniques and will be provided with young pig to start with. In addition, farmers will be linked to other donors for other needs such as medications and animal feed. Target beneficiaires are members of local farmers' association made of vulnerable people. The expected results [...]
Project ID: URT/14/012
Date of request: 28 Jan 2014
Country: Tanzania
Project location: GARE- LUSHOTO
Project status: Project in progress
    ACOSEO is a local, non-governmental organization, un-politically and non profitable-oriented, that engages in transformation process anchored in wealth by job creation, health, environmental, utilities and educational issues in the community. ACOSEO intends to facilitate basic needs to the community that leads to empowerment of communities in health, water, electricity, education, poverty eradication and prevention of diseases for their sustainable development.
Project ID: KEN/14/009
Date of request: 23 Jan 2014
Country: Kenya
Project location: Mathare Slums, Nairobi
Project status: Project in progress

To provide an eco-friendly sanitation system to address the poor sanitation and hygiene conditions facing marginalized residents of the Mathare slums

The Oasis Centre seeks to implement the “Mathare Bio-Sanitation Project” whose main aim is to sustainably address the poor sanitation and hygiene conditions facing the marginalized residents of Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya. The project will be achieved by developing Eco-friendly facility that will constitute toilets, bathing areas, water collection and storage tanks, bio-digester for biogas production, and installation of solar systems for lighting and heating water. The project will also involve the training of peer educators as trainers in [...]