The Rome group presently counts some 112 members and the entire amount of their contributions, around US$92,000 a year, is allocated directly to projects, without overhead costs since the Fund is managed by members themselves, all volunteers.

Since 1983, nearly $1,200,000.00 were disbursed by the Rome group to fund some 230 projects! Some of these projects and their project description are available in this section - select the subcategories (regions) from the menu bar or from the options below.

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Project ID: IND/14/125
Date of request: 08 Oct 2014
Country: India
Project location: Beerakuppam Reserved Forest village
Project status: Project in progress
The proposed project is for construction of a permanent building for Medical aid and educational center for tribal (indigenous) community who are living near dry-forest region. This is undeveloped region. Tribal is an out-caste community living away from civilized modern society. They are living in poverty and their daily income is less than one USD. They are depending upon collection of fire-wood from the forests and sell in the villages as fuel for their livelihoods. The literacy rate is below [...]
Project ID: SAF/14/114
Date of request: 05 Sep 2014
Country: South Africa
Project location: Johannesburg
Project status: Project in progress
The Alexandra Education Committee is a proven and well-managed bursary scheme. Overheads are kept to a minimum, so maximal funding is directed to educating the able, but poverty-stricken children. The Alexandra Education Committee members are mainly experienced educators and school administrators. Members of the Committee work voluntarily – only the General Administrator, the Counsellor and the Director receive modest salaries. Donations The primary goal of the Alexandra Education Committee is to fund each student for five years at [...]
Project ID: IND/14/109
Date of request: 14 Aug 2014
Country: India
Project location: Kavanthandalam Kalakattur Thammanur and Kambarajapuram located in Kanchipuram district 12 kms away from Kanchipuram town
Project status: Project in progress
40 Irula and dalit women who were released from slavery have been living in Kavanthandalam Kalakattur Thammanur and Kambarajapuram villages in Kanchipuram district. They are working in unorganised works and still prone to slavery as the greedy employers are trying their best to take them again to slavery as they are not having sustained work and income at their villages. That is why these women are well versed in animal husbandry, they are not having space and money to invest [...]
Project ID: VIE/14/108
Date of request: 11 Aug 2014
Country: Vietnam
Project location: Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam
Project status: Project in progress
- On the world: According to the Vietnam News Agency, the data from the IFO Institute for Economic Research in Munich, Germany announced on 19/1 shows that from 1990 to 2005, forest area on earth was down by 3%, is the daily average lost of forest is 20,000 hectares. This is an alarming phenomenon in many countries, especially in tropical countries, because the recent forest devastation in the world has significantly narrowed the forest areas - In Vietnam is a developing [...]
Project ID: NIR/14/099
Date of request: 11 Jul 2014
Country: Nigeria
Project location: Umueneke street, Adani, Uzo Uwani L.G.A Enugu, Nigeria
Project status: Completed
Adani is a community in Uzo uwani local government of Enugu state, Nigeria and our community is the biggest rice producing community in Enugu state and farmers are actively involved in rice production for livelihood. The manual threshing method are slow and exhausting, often resulting in impurities and damages the grain. The project is proposed to train 300 farmers (3 farmers group) on organic rice farming system that satisfy human needs and provision of rice threshing machine which will improve [...]