The Rome group presently counts some 112 members and the entire amount of their contributions, around US$92,000 a year, is allocated directly to projects, without overhead costs since the Fund is managed by members themselves, all volunteers.

Since 1983, nearly $1,200,000.00 were disbursed by the Rome group to fund some 230 projects! Some of these projects and their project description are available in this section - select the subcategories (regions) from the menu bar or from the options below.

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Project ID: UGA/15/081
Date of request: 26 Nov 2015
Country: Uganda
Project location: SOROTI
Project status: Project in progress
Protection of two springs Otubulu and Gweri traditional springs and sanitation education to strengthen resettlement and reduce on water borne infections and poor hygiene conditions for over 3000 households consuming the water Otubulu sub county is located in Soroti District and their major problem experienced in this community is high cases of enteric diseases leading to high rates of infant mortality and adults mortality, According to reports by ministry of health in early 2014 showed that the [...]
Project ID: MOR/15/022
Date of request: 16 Mar 2015
Country: Morocco
Project location: Morocco, Tafraut Region
Project status: Project in progress
Given the good results obtained with the first project for a school and workshop in the Tafraout Valley, this project is to request the setting up of a second school at the other end of the valley, sharing the teacher already working in the first one. The new school will avoid long commuting to women and children, since only the teacher will commute. The land is offered by its owner to the community for this project, which will include the [...]
Project ID: NEP/15/018
Date of request: 03 Mar 2015
Country: Nepal
Project location: Thimi, District Bhaktapur, Nepal
Project status: Project in progress
Award Nepal will implement an animal loan project for 25 vulnerable and marginalized Nepali women and their oppressed families for socio-economic development in Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal. The main objective of this project is to improve economic situation of families in order to increase the income and resources of vulnerable families. Each family will be given two she-goat and one he-goat. During one year, the families will have more goats from the reproductive cycle of initial set. In addition to that [...]
Project ID: PAK/15/009
Date of request: 18 Feb 2015
Country: Pakistan
Project location: District Rajan Pur
Project status: Project in progress
The 2014 monsoon as of National Disaster Management Authority and Provisional Disaster Management Authority indicate the floods have affected over 4.47 million people, caused 371 deaths, injuries to 1198 people, damaged or destroyed 275,720 homes (154,853 partially damaged an 120,867 fully damaged), affected 13,465 villages, killed 7,818 heads of cattle, and affected 766,818 acres of crops. In District Rajan Pur average family size is 6, where 51% male and 49% female has been affected, Female and children are the most [...]
Project ID: NIR/15/006
Date of request: 06 Feb 2015
Country: Nigeria
Project location: Ogwashi ukwu village, Aniocha south Local Government area, Delta state
Project status: Project in progress
Ogwashiukwu is a rural community in Aniocha south Local government Area, Delta State, women carry out majority of farm work. They are responsible for all food crops production, harvesting and marketing. They depend on farming for their families’ livelihood, because men are attracted to urban centers for white collar menial jobs. Because of rural-urban migration by men, women are farmers and have the primary responsibility for all food crops production, harvesting and marketing in Ogwashi ukwu village, Aniocha south [...]
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