HAI/13/075 - Repair photovoltaic installation for pumping water through replacement of broken inverter

Country Haiti
Total project budget ($USD) 4184
Requested funding ($USD) €4184
Name of Requesting Association Soley Lakey
Objective: Restore the provision of drinkable water to the population and irrigation water to sprinkle gardens and crops for the affected families ii) continue with the house construction project (following the 2010 earthquake) which was interrupted due to the water shortage.
Background: The current project of the Association is dedicated to the building of 15 houses with gardens for people who lost their homes during the January 2010 earthquake (see website http://www.soleylakay.org/2006/index.html) However, last April one of the electrical appliances of the photovoltaic water pumping system failed due to the breakdown of the inverter (a part used to transform direct current power supply into alternating current). Consequently, the local population were left without a water supply and had to go long distances to get water, often of poor quality. In addition, it became impossible to sprinkle family gardens and many crops died. After inspection of the broken part by a specialist of PSF (Projets Sans Frontières), urgent replacement was recommended. Since all available funds are dedicated to the housing project, money had to be borrowed as an emergency, provisional and short-term solution from subsidies dedicated to the project, with the clear understanding that the money would be returned to the project as soon as possible once another source of funding could be found.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to replace the broken inverter for the continuation of normal daily life and the interrupted house reconstruction project.
Beneficiaries: ​500 families (3000 people) from the 10 surrounding villages
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