ARG/08/049 - Educational project in a suburban area of La Plata

Country Argentina
Total project budget ($USD) $13,000
Requested funding ($USD) $7,500
Project development type Education and Training
Name of Requesting Association Maquina de los Sueños
Objective: A large roof that connects two buildings used for pedagogical, cultural, artisan and agricultural activities (roof is approximately 6,50mq x 17mq).
Background: La Máquina de los Sueños is a non-profit association consisting of highly experienced academic staff as well as an important number of young volunteers. FAO employees (through the FAO Fasting for Food, the FAO Spanish Group and the FAO Staff COOP Thea
Use of Funds: To construct a large, modern glass/steel roof to connect two buildings existing in the community centre/school and thereby creating a courtyard where more activities can be performed.For more information on technical specifications in Spanish and pict
Beneficiaries: 150