PHI/02/180 - Egg and poultry project for Culion Leper Colony

Country Philippines
Total project budget ($USD) $1,500
Requested funding ($USD) $1,500
Project development type Animal Husbandry
Name of Requesting Association Culion Leper Colony
Objective: To prevent high mortality of chicks in Culion with the purchase of a generator and incubators, and to reduce costs of buying mixed feeds in Manila by purchasing food ingredients and mixing it with the local fish meal. Currently, chicks need to be brought
Background: Purchase of incubator to hatch chicks in Culion instead of buying them from Manila and raise chickens for meat and eggs, purchase of generator for the incubators (there is no electricity in Culion except for the hospital), and ingredients to mix chicken f
Use of Funds: 1% Fund cost will be used for: Purchase of incubator to hatch chicks in Culion, Purchase of generator for the incubators, Purchase of and ingredients to mix chicken feed with local fish meal.
Beneficiaries: Unknown
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