BRA/01/132 - Baba├žu Libre"" - Extraction of Nuts and By-products of the Babassu Palm Tree (Orbignia Phalerata M.)

Country Brazil
Total project budget ($USD) $6,000
Requested funding ($USD) $6,000
Project development type Income Generation
Name of Requesting Association Cooperativa dos Pequenos Produtores Agroextrativistas de Esperantin├│polis Ltda
Objective: To improve the income of women, men and children, working in the collection and processing of nuts and by-products of the Babassu palm tree.
Background: The Babassu Palm Tree (Orbignia Phalerata M.) is a wild growing palm, more frequent in secondary forests vegetation, due to its resistance against fire, still used for clearing the forest for cultivation or pastures, and its strong competitiveness in the
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to purchase animals and gear for transporting the collected nuts, stainless steel working tables, knives, a food mixer, balance, a plastic bag sealing machine. Part of the funds will be used as revolving working capital to purchase
Beneficiaries: 80
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