ARM/09/040 - Support to roadside market construction

Country Armenia
Total project budget ($USD) $8,400
Requested funding ($USD) $5,000
Project development type Agriculture Production
Name of Requesting Association Lori Marz/Province Agriculture Support Center
Objective: Support the farmersÂ’ group to construct an agricultural products market (with a light cover/roof, counters and sanitation) near Jrashen community located on Yerevan-Vanadzor highway. This roadside market will enhance the sale of agricultural products at small marketing costs
Background: Traditionally the farmers of Jrashen community exhibit and sell part of their produce (potato, cabbage, table beet, etc.) on the edge of the Yerevan-Vanadzor highway, which passes through Jrashen community. This kind of sale of agricultural products has risks in terms of road-transportation security. In addition, people sell their products in the open air, from piles or sacks placed on the ground, which in terms of food safety is not desirable. The farmers believe that a separate and furnished place on the edge of the road for selling their products would be expedient, safe and secure.
Use of Funds: Purchase of counters with light covers, improvement of 1000 Mq. of area, provision/construction of a sanitary latrine and a parking lot.
Beneficiaries: 500
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