PER/09/008 - Calapuja (Puno) Alpaca Rearing Project

Country Peru
Total project budget ($USD) $8,350
Requested funding ($USD) $8,350
Project development type Animal Husbandry
Name of Requesting Association Asociacion Civil Artesanias de Calapuja
Objective: • To provide work to unemployed youth in the Calapuja district of Puno through an alpaca breeding project • To teach animal husbandry skills to formerly unemployed • To extend areas under cultivation for animal feed • Genetic improvement of the herd
Background: The Asociación Civil Artesanias de Calapuja wishes to make better use of 85 hectares of land at 4,000 metres above sea level it owns to in the “Kapani” sector of “Qaqa Punku”, Calapuja, Peru. They have already reared 60 female alpacas of the “Huacaya” breed using two studs, but want to improve the genetics of the herd through external input of genetic material, hence the request to purchase two males. The white wool produced by the alpacas is spun and woven using traditional methods to make garments which are sold through the Association. The local community also rears lamas and cultivates potatoes, quinoa, wheat onion and subsistence crops. By improving Alpaca production the project aims to offer young people in the area a future as Alpaca farmers as an alternative to abandoning their local community to look for employment in large towns and cities. Traditional expertise in this field is available locally, but some training is foreseen. When fully operative the project is expected to produce 50 alpacas per year, which will graze on the Association’s land or be fed using animal feed produced locally and watered thanks to the 500 metres of irrigation system the 1% Fund is being asked to finance along with fencing materials and a basic brick and mortar shelter, which is required given the very cold winter conditions – hence also the need to improve winter feed production. Veterinary assistance for dealing with common diseases such as enterotoxemia is available locally through the Association. Father Giovanni Gnaldi has been a parish priest in Calapuja for many years and has forwarded the project proposal to the Fund for consideration. The requesting group will provide labour, female alpacas and winter feed for the animals.
Use of Funds: Purchase of: Two male Alpacas 2,000 Fencing, building materials 3,650 Water piping 2,000 Training 100 Bricklayer/specialized workers for activities local volunteers are not able to undertake 600
Beneficiaries: 50