PAK/08/032 - Income Generating Goat Scheme

Country Pakistan
Total project budget ($USD) $7,619
Requested funding ($USD) $5,612
Project development type Income Generation
Name of Requesting Association SOLID - Seeking of Light, Identity and Development
Objective: The project will provide each woman and her family two She-Goats and one He-Goat for the purpose of income generation. The sale of milk, ghee, meat and kid goats will provide additional income (ca. Rs. 2880 per month), after payment of the cost of fodder
Background: The 1% Fund supported a domestic poultry project managed by SOLID in early 2007. They have provided excellent interim and final reports of that project and the Project Appraisal Group recommends this new project. The estimated 15,000 families in the rural
Use of Funds: The funds would be used mainly for the purchase of goats for the initial group of 35 women and their families.
Beneficiaries: 35
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