BOL/07/047 - Building of social centre for disabled people (main room only)

Country Bolivia
Total project budget ($USD) $28,000
Requested funding ($USD) $6,000
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Missioni Francescane Frati Minori del Lazio - Project "House for Disabled Persons"
Objective: The 1% Fund is requested to contribute to the construction of the main room only. The Bishop of Magdalena has already given the land while the community contributed US$ 8,000 towards the building costs. Fund-raising activities and private contributions b
Background: Magdalena is a very poor area in the North East of Bolivia close to the Brazilian border. Currently, there are no facilities in the region providing services to disabled adults and children. As a result, they remain isolated and lack opportunities to buil
Use of Funds: The funds would be used entirely to purchase construction materials (e.g. cement, floor, doors, paint, etc.)
Beneficiaries: 130