MEX/07/001 - Waste water management system project

Country Mexico
Total project budget ($USD) $8,000
Requested funding ($USD) $8,000
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Asociación Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia A.C. (ACÁ)
Objective: The project will provide a model affordable recycling system for optimizing water use in an arid zone. The system will be established as part of an organic farm complex to recycle poultry waste utilizing the waste as fertilizer and recycling it within the
Background: Jaltepec is a very impoverished area with a below subsistence level economy, low soil fertility, malnutrition, low literacy and practically no existing opportunities for agriculture-based, income-generating activities. ACÁ has been the first initiative in
Use of Funds: The funds would be used to purchase multi-compartment septic and water collection and filtration tank system; water catchment system (outlet pipes, drains, cover grates, distribution box); materials to construct a series of canals; absorption chambers, wa
Beneficiaries: Unknown
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