PER/06/053 - Community kitchen project

Country Peru
Total project budget ($USD) $9,822
Requested funding ($USD) $4,969
Project development type Food, Nutrition and Health
Name of Requesting Association Club de Madres Virgen del Carmen de la Comunidad San Isidro de Taracachi
Objective: The project aims at building a community kitchen for students attending elementary school in the poverty-striken Andean town of San Isidro de Taracachi in Huancavelica, Peru (3800 msl). Local authorities (Church and community members, Government represent
Background: The community of San Isidro de Taracachi is one of the poorest of the country. Living in almost complete isolation in the Andean plateau at 3800 msl, the villagers struggle to earn a living through their traditional farming activities while they see their
Use of Funds: The funds would be used to purchase construction materials including on-site delivery (90%) and pay for the services of a construction foreman (10%) who will guarantee building quality.
Beneficiaries: 80
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