PNG/06/013 - Women’s beekeeping in the Eastern Highlands Province

Country Papua New Guinea
Total project budget ($USD) $20,203
Requested funding ($USD) $6,000
Project development type Animal Husbandry
Name of Requesting Association Isten Hailans Beekeepers Association (IHBA)
Objective: To establish small-scale honey extraction facilities in each of the districts in which a beekeeping association is active so that (i) farmers will be able to produce a higher value product (extracted honey) rather than having to transport unprocessed hone
Background: The Isten Hailans Beekeepers´ Association is a registered NGO of over 350 honeybee farmers spread throughout 8 districts of the Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. It is an active, inclusive and representative organization dedicated to the promo
Use of Funds: Purchase of five 4-frame manual honey extractors from CUSO (including shipping)
Beneficiaries: 350
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