BOL/05/008 - Community organic farming cereals production, processing and marketing

Country Bolivia
Total project budget ($USD) $8,129
Requested funding ($USD) $7,936
Project development type Agriculture Production
Name of Requesting Association Red Educativa Bolivia
Objective: To promote the improvement of cereal crop production and techniques for sustainable agricultural development in the Bolivian Camacho province. To process organically produced cereals into snacks that will be sold on local markets. To establish local marke
Background: The project aims at improving the living conditions of rural communities located in the North of Bolivia; they are very interested in learning new agricultural techniques and in using modern equipment. The local land provided by the community will be used
Use of Funds: 1. To purchase cereal seeds (with organic certification), agriculture equipment, organic fertilizers and plant protection. 2. To establish a training programme on agricultural techniques for organic products and on quality control of the products (sna
Beneficiaries: 50
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