PER/04/143 - Vegetable production in greenhouses, Comunidad Indio Tacamani

Country Peru
Total project budget ($USD) $8,540
Requested funding ($USD) $4,150
Project development type Food, Nutrition and Health
Name of Requesting Association Club de Madres ""Indio Tacamani""
Objective: To provide to the community fresh and affordable vegetables and generate additional income for the community.
Background: The ""Club de Madres"", a womenÂ’s association in the Indian community Tacamani is very concerned with the health and nutritional situation in its village. The daily diet is very heavy on carbohydrates, with few proteins and vitamins. Therefore, they were ad
Use of Funds: Materials for the construction of the greenhouses. Local contribution: Land (belonging to the community), labour, materials, transport and seed costs, food during the construction phase, all estimated at US$4,350.
Beneficiaries: 190
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