ARG/04/086 - Support to the completion of a dining hall for children in the "Barrio Obligado", Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Country Argentina
Total project budget ($USD) $11,500
Requested funding ($USD) $5,500
Project development type Food, Nutrition and Health
Name of Requesting Association Fundación Felices Los Niños
Objective: To provide regular meals to children of poor families leaving in the suburb `Barrio Obligado`
Background: A group of FAO staff members has been giving support to the "Fundación Felices los Niños" since April 2002 when Argentina started to be affected by a severely adverse economic situation and a severe political crisis. Besides contributions in cash, the FAO
Use of Funds: The funds are requested to finalize the construction of a building which will function as a dining hall for 300 children from 5 to 12 years old. An itemized cost estimate is available, including dining hall furniture, kitchen range, kitchen utensils, and
Beneficiaries: 300
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