DRC/03/212 - Agricultural project (producing cassava, maize, beans, peanuts and soya)

Country Dominican Republic
Total project budget ($USD) $6,600
Requested funding ($USD) $5,000
Project development type Agriculture Production
Name of Requesting Association Gorsilaure Project
Objective: Provide aid to a deeply impoverished community to enable them to cultivate 10 hectares of land in order to produce cassava, maize, beans, peanuts and soya.
Background: The Gorsilaure Project is a small Scottish based charity that was set up to provide financial assistance to the communities in Kisantu, Ntombombo region, Bas Congo Province. The region of Bas Congo Province was pillaged in the 1998 rebellion. It is on
Use of Funds: To purchase the required agricultural tools and seeds (detailed list of tools provided & reviewed by PAG members) in order to cultivate land.
Beneficiaries: 1000
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