BEN/11/118 - Construction of a well and irrigation system

Country Benin
Total project budget ($USD) 7752
Requested funding ($USD) 7752
Project development type water supply
Name of Requesting Association L`association communale des producteurs de pomme de terre de Pehunco (ACPPT)
Objective: To construct a well and an irrigation system to increase production by women potato farmers.
Background: The group produces potatoes and also tomatoes, chili, eggplants, gombo, etc. Their main income is from small-scale farming. The income is used mainly to pay for food and the school fees of their children. They have three hectares of land which is cultivated from November to June. There is a constant problem of lack of water during the dry season. The river is located next to the garden, but during the dry season there is never sufficient water and the women have to dig little holes in the river bed. This is labour-intensive and inefficient. The group of women from Gonri belong to a larger organization (Association Communale des Producteurs de Pommes de Terre de Pehunco, ACPPT), which includes eight farming communities in the Pehunco township. It works in collaboration with the US Peace Corps and coordinates the activities of the farming groups.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to construct a 10-metre deep, large diameter well, connected to an irrigation system with two cement water storage tanks. The water will be pumped through the pipes from the well to the tanks, where it can be used by the women to irrigate the garden. This will allow them to increase their production, especially during the dry season between February and May, increase their income and develop the group. The project will be overseen by the Peace Corps volunteer in mission in Pehunco, the secretary of the ACPPT and a technician from the Pehunco town hall. The reporting will be done by the Board of the ACPPT. The project should be implemented over a period of three months.
Beneficiaries: Sixty-five women between 18 and 60 years old, members of the farming group, which has a president, secretary and treasurer.