KEN/10/134 - Bursaries to support attendance at Got Matar Secondary School

Country Kenya
Total project budget ($USD) $15,000
Requested funding ($USD) $15,000
Project development type Education and Training
Name of Requesting Association GOT MATAR
Objective: To provide bursaries for four years of secondary schooling for 25 orphan girls, many of whom have been orphaned by HIV-AIDs.
Background: Bondo is ranked amongst the poorest districts in Kenya and suffers from the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country. The economy is based on small-scale farming and fishing. The Got Matar Community Development Group was formed by local residents in 2002. The Group initially focused its energies on improving education in the 10 primary schools of East Yimbo Location. Improvements made by the Group up to 2006 included rebuilding of 2 pre-primary schools, repairs to classrooms, construction of tanks for rainwater collection and development of school gardens. The Group has also supported school attendance by orphans by providing them with uniforms and school kits. In late 2006, the Community Development Group decided that the priority should shift to the construction of a 600-place secondary school, so that well-qualified primary school leavers could continue their education without having to leave their homes. The Group invited Andrew MacMillan to help them to raise funds for their project. The first classrooms were constructed in time to receive over 100 Form 1 children in January 2007. All the basic facilities required by 600 pupils were completed by early 2010, the same year in which the first intaked will complete their final school certificate exams. In 2007 1% Fund supported the construction of a library in the Got Matar school complex which is now operational. The school facilities have been built with great efficiency by the Communuty Development Group, which has handed them over the school administration (established by the Ministry of Education) for operation and maintenance.
Use of Funds: The school badly needs more donor support for the continuation of the bursary programme on a substantial scale, with a goal of awarding at least 25 new bursaries each year, but ideally 40. These are vital to enable orphans – about one third of all school-age children because of the HIV/AIDS onslaught – to attend the school. Most donor commitments have now ended, with the result that the programme remains badly under-funded. Annual bursary costs per child are expected to rise to £100 to £130 (Euro 150) this year (or£520/Euro 600 for 4 years), partly because of the need to pay for computer operating and maintenance costs. One Percent support would ensure that 25 girls hoping to be selected for the Jan 2011 intake will be saved the disappointment of missing a crucial year of the schooling and life education that will help prepare them for a dignified adulthood and meaningful livelihoods
Beneficiaries: Unknown