BGD/12/038 - Community based environment friendly bio-gas plant for indigenous people

Country Bangladesh
Total project budget ($USD) $5,473
Requested funding ($USD) $4,996
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Research and Rehabilitation programme for the Disabled (RRD)
Objective: To provide a source of sustainable energy to rural families which will ensure a safer and cleaner environment for the local community
Background: The main activities of the indigenous people are cleaning drains, canals, toilets, washing clothes, cleaning houses, etc. Families burn cooking ovens for an average of five hours a day. They need approximately three tons of fuel wood a year. Eighty-five percent use wood as fuel for cooking, 10% use cow dung or torn leaves, the remaining 5% use kerosene or gas. So a huge amount of trees are felled, reducing timber and soil fertility. The black smoke discharged from wood-burning stoves affects women’s health and the environment. One biogas plant can produce cooking gas and also fertilizer for more than 15 years at a low cost. The slurry, a bioproduct of biogas, can be a very good organic fertilizer. Biogas reduces carbon emissions because it is smokeless. So the families have an energy-producing facility, women’s health will improve and the environment will profit.
Use of Funds: Installation of 17 biogas plants in 51 indigenous families.
Beneficiaries: 1700