GHA/11/093 - Mushroom farming and training

Country Ghana
Total project budget ($USD) $7,720
Requested funding ($USD) $6,108
Project development type Agriculture Production
Name of Requesting Association Tekrom Community Development Project
Objective: To solve the unemployment problem among the local youth by providing skills in mushroom farming and eradicate poverty in the community. Also to provide extra protein for them and their families.
Background: The group took part in a training course given by Inter-Community Build Up, IBU (a group who carried out a very successful mushroom project GHA/06/ 049 which was funded in 2008 and is still ongoing). Following the training they determined to improve their living conditions by practising mushroom production in their own community. Follow-up inspection visits by IBU showed they were still working as a group and practising what they had learned during the course. The community has donated a 200 ft x 200 ft piece of land and a ready labour force for construction of the nursery, store, wooden cropping structures for the training. Four groups will have a short training period (training given by officers of the group who have already been trained by IBU) and will each be given 100 polythene bags of oyster mushroom compost. Once they have produced a crop, they will be required to donate the same amount to five further beneficiaries. This process will continue until all are included. They will continue to pay a small monthly amount to be used for running the organization.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to purchase the necessary equipment (shovels, PVC piping, watering cans, drums) and materials for construction of nursery, store, cropping structures, etc.
Beneficiaries: 188