ZAM/11/070 - Women and Youth Garden Project

Country Zambia
Total project budget ($USD) $23,509
Requested funding ($USD) $6,460
Project development type Agriculture Production
Name of Requesting Association Tiyeseko Five Star Theatre Group
Objective: To promote self-sufficiency through gardening and agriculture
Background: Tiyeseko Five Star Theater Group is a community based organization (CBO) formed in 1990 by concerned women and youth. They raise awareness about adherence to ARV treatment, malaria control, family planning, risks of alcohol and substance abuse through songs and community theatre. They implemented income generating activities to encourage self-sufficiency. Youths and women have already been involved in small scale gardening thanks to the availability of water throughout the year from the Ngwerere stream. These activities have helped them generate income and improve their diet. It has also contributed to the economy of the Mandevu district.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to extend the gardening and agriculture activities, through the construction of an irrigation system using a diesel suction pump and the provision of seeds, tools and organic fertilizers.Production will concentrate on vegetables in high demand on the market: tomatoes, rape, cabbage, okra, carrots and banana.Training will be performed by the District Agriculture Coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (not with funds from the 1% Fund) and will include fertiliser application, use of the diesel suction pump, record keeping, irrigation, spraying, weeding and marketing.The land has already been given to the beneficiaries who own it. The provision of fertiliser, seeds and tools will be given to each individual. The production and sales will be the responsibility of each beneficiary, except for the water pump and big tools such as wheelbarrows, which will be shared.An elected committee comprising member of the Kabanana Women and Youths Group will be responsible for the project in the long term: they will collect fees from members for the use of the equipment in order to pay for the maintenance of the diesel pump and purchase of fuel.
Beneficiaries: 310