SIL/10/114 - Multi-purpose vocational skills training centre in Farlu

Country Sierra Leone
Total project budget ($USD) $6,075
Requested funding ($USD) $5,890
Project development type Education and Training
Name of Requesting Association Farlu Rural Integrated Development Association (FRIDA)
Objective: Completion of a multi-purpose vocational skills training centre that will be used to train school drop-outs, unemployed youth and women in specialized disciplines such as sewing/tailoring, cloth weaving, carpentry, masonry and soap making, in order to generate income.
Background: FRIDA is a well-established community based development organisation, and has provided many services to Farlu community, e.g. drying and storage facilities for rice, storage facilities for other farm produce and farm tools; food processing facilities for gari and foofoo production; hand pump wells and toilets. There is a high unemployment rate in the community, and due to lack of a training centre it is difficult to offer skills training courses. The training centre was already started in 1996, but was destroyed during the war period. The building which is at wall height and ready to be roofed, needs urgently to be completed. The construction will be done by the members of FRIDA and workers residing in the community. Furniture for the centre will be produced by local carpenters using local materials. Internally generated income accrued from training in vocational skills, services like cloth weaving and tailoring, and production of goods such as furniture, bricks, bread, soap which will be sold at moderate prices to the public, shall be deposited into the association’s current account and will be managed by the FRIDA Project Management Committee. In addition, income accrued from the payment of tuition and registration fees by old and new members will be an added advantage that will help the project to become sustainable.
Use of Funds: Purchase of construction material for roofing, ceilings, windows, flooring, plastering, painting.
Beneficiaries: 89