URT/10/059 - Improving water supply to inhabitants of the Gare, Lutindi/Kwemabanda, Kizara, Kwekilima and Ziwai villages

Country Tanzania
Total project budget ($USD) $7,972
Requested funding ($USD) $7,972
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Anamboni Coammunity Service and Educationsl Organization (ACOSEO)
Objective: Improving water supply to inhabitants of the Gare, Lutindi/Kwemabanda, Kizara, Kwekilima and Ziwai villages: • Supply clean and safe domestic water to villages of Lutindi, Kizara, Kilanga, Umoja and Kwekilima and ensure students and staff of Mshangama secondary school have with clean water • Protect Kwaboli and Kwevumo springs • Improve sanitary conditions of village dwellers • Supply safe water for zero-grazed animals
Background: Although in a tropical zone, the Gare and surrounding villages are situated 1550m above sea level, and so receive fairly regular rain fall. At present water is either extracted from unreliable bore hole wells or carried from nearby streams or springs one to two kilometres from the villages by women and children making the trip several times a day. The villagers have joined forces through ACOSEO and developed a project to pipe water from the Kwaboli and Kwevumo springs, estimated 3.3 litre per second discharge capacity of spring and 0.1 litre per second discharge capacity down the pipeline to a reservoir situated further down the mountain side, but above the villages. The quality of the water was tested in September 2010 by the district water office. Riverside trees such as Raouvofia cafra (quinine) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rauvolfia_caffra and ficuss spp and creepers will be planted to protect the stone and cement outtake structures. Apart from allowing the villagers to use their time more productively, and the obvious health and sanitary advantages of a constant supply of clean safe water, the project would also help improve irrigation of vegetable/maize plots and improve the zero grazed local heard of cattle. The villagers will transport the building material, lay the pipes with assistance from a local government water officer, provide the land for the reservoir, purchase the trees and plant them and construct the intake structure.
Use of Funds: Purchase 4 km of one/two inch plastic water pipes and 1.5km galvanized pipes Cement/mesh/rods and other building material Excavation/lining of reservoir School latrines
Beneficiaries: Unknown