NIR/010/024 - Water relief project

Country Nigeria
Total project budget ($USD) $5,190
Requested funding ($USD) $5,190
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Rural People`s Self-Help Committee
Objective: To address chronic water stress and provide accessible, affordable, potable water to the poor rural dwellers in Akpodim.
Background: Life in this community is characterized by poverty. Small-scale farming is the main economic activity; some inhabitants are also engaged in trading, mainly of farm produce. The main source of water is natural rainfall but, due to lack of funds there is not enough water storage and during the dry season people have to travel long distances in search of water. This situation has a negative effect on the economic activities of the community as people have little or not time for other enterprises. Water is usually collected from contaminated traditional ponds, often resulting in cholera epidemics and the spread of other water-borne diseases. The project aims to address the problem by drilling a borehole in the community so that safe water will be available and accessible all year round. Each household will have about 15-20 litres a day for safe drinking food preparation, personal cleanliness and laundry. Beneficiaries will have time for agricultural activities (the traditional watering holes will still serve for agricultural irrigation) and household tasks. Users will be asked to pay a token 5 Naira for every 20 litres of water to help meet attendantsÂ’ allowances and recurring expenses to maintain the project. Drilling of the borehole will be carried out by a reliable firm of water engineers, who will also guarantee maintenance of the well.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to construct a borehole with the capacity to pump and hold 16,000 litres a day, to be pumped as often as necessary to meet the communityÂ’s water needs. The community will have enough water for livestock, irrigation of vegetable garden and other domestic use. This will also provide work for three workers/attendants.
Beneficiaries: 16000