KEN/10/003 - Biobox water treatment system

Country Kenya
Total project budget ($USD) $10,000
Requested funding ($USD) $10,000
Project development type Food, Nutrition and Health
Name of Requesting Association Hekima Place inc. Trust
Objective: To treat and cleanse waste water to the point where it can be used to provide irrigation water for the farm located around the orphanage.
Background: The Biobox goes under the ground and consists of three separate plastic tanks of various sizes through which black water (toilet and other waste) passes and by the time it reaches the end, although it can’t be drunk, it will be used to irrigate the big farm garden which will be sustaining the orphanage. It will produce enough produce for a surplus to sell to locals.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to install a 3-box underground system that takes black and/or soil water and purifies it. The outputted water can be consumed or used to irrigate the farm land, which in turn generates income from the sale of produce.
Beneficiaries: Unknown