NIR/09/056 - Beekeeping

Country Nigeria
Total project budget ($USD) $5,662
Requested funding ($USD) $4,962
Project development type Animal Husbandry
Name of Requesting Association Beekeeping Extension Society
Objective: To teach beekeeping to up to one hundred sons and daughters of subsistence farmers.
Background: Traditional beekeeping in the Shika area has often led to swarms being damaged by local farmers burning out natural hives to drain away the honey in the absence of protective clothing. The aim of this KADP project is to introduce locally constructed hives following plans provided by the Beekeeping Extension Society (BES) HYPERLINK """" , a Nigerian NGO whose primary objective is to develop beekeeping into an instrument for poverty alleviation. BES has received specialist training from master beekeepers from Lesotho, USA and UK and has already carried out extension work with subsistence farmers thanks to grants from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Development Cooperation of Ireland (DCI) and the UK registered charity, Bees Abroad. HYPERLINK """" By introducing locally constructed beehives and training local women how to (i) establish and maintain a bee colony and (ii) produce/market honey, beeswax and propolis the Shika region will be able to invest income earned in more hives (the requesting group originally made a request for a far higher number of hives. The BES President, Mr Idris Mohamad Barau HYPERLINK """", has informed the Fund that the Kaduna State Agricultural Project radio station is willing to provide air time to broadcast programmes on beekeeping, while BES itself would monitor training activities and submit evaluation reports to the Fund.
Use of Funds: Purchase of 80 locally constructed beehivesTen protective suitsFour bellow smokersTen pairs of protective gloves/ten pairs of bootsFour sets of communally owned hive tools$200 for training material during five days training
Beneficiaries: 100