ETH/09/051 - Supplementary feeding for school children

Country Ethiopia
Total project budget ($USD) $6,000
Requested funding ($USD) $6,000
Project development type Food, Nutrition and Health
Name of Requesting Association Amici di Adwa ONLUS
Objective: To improve nutritional status of malnourished children attending the ”Kidane Mehret Integrated Project” school by providing a daily ration of Fafa for one school year to 200 children (Fafa is a local food composed of soya flour, skimmed milk, whole cereals and sugar; 100gr of Fafa brings 20gr of proteins).
Background: The ”Kidane Mehret Integrated Project” started in 1994 when, at the request of the local authorities, the Salesian Sisters were invited to identify the best way to improve local population poor life. Sister Laura Girotto of the Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice in collaboration with the local authority decided that a school was necessary to help the community in combating hunger, improving health and slowly reaching development and autonomy. The authority donated a ground for the project, when completed everything will be donated to the local community. The school is located in the immediate outskirts of Adwa and is attended by 1.000 pupils of different races and religions, the majority of which are girls(75%). It includes: • nursery (280 children) • primary and intermediate school (470 students) • secondary school. It has just been realized with 60 students which number is rapidly increasing • vocational training school (89 students) • technical school (100 students) • The Women promotional Center: to give back dignity to young illiterate women who are trained to become part of the working world • The hostel for girl at risk of prostitution (approximate 60 girls) • The Sunday school attended by more than 1.000 girls • A project of social assistance to family: approximately 900 families are regularly attended for a total of 5.000 persons. The Association Amici di Adwa ONLUS has 15 promoters and many supporting members, most of which belongs to adopter families. Funding is mainly received from private donations. For any additional information the web site: can be consulted. The project is presented by a former FAO staff member and 1% member, Nadina Antamoro, who is presently on the spot in Ethiopia where she is working as a volunteer with this group.
Use of Funds: To buy soya flour, skimmed milk, whole cereals and sugar sufficient to the preparation of Fafa for 200 children for one school year.
Beneficiaries: 200