IND/08/033 - Technical Training Programme (Plumbing Skills)

Country India
Total project budget ($USD) $3,184
Requested funding ($USD) $2,800
Project development type Income Generation
Name of Requesting Association Rural Development Women Welfare Society (RDWWS)
Objective: Vocational training of youngsters (male orphans) to become plumbers and work in the various villages in the surrounding districts.
Background: RDWWS works mainly with womenÂ’s groups but has identified this sector in need of help. They aim to provide needy orphan children with vocational training, reasonable nourishment, health care, education, accommodation, clothing and other basic needs. The youngsters will learn how to do household and building plumbing work, fitting and water pipe laying, etc. In the evenings after the course, they will receive education classes. They will also receive regular medical checks and be taught about personal hygiene and health by a local doctor. They will be helped to purchase tool kits and the materials purchased initially will be used to offer training to further groups of orphans. They will go out to work as plumbers in the various villages where they will be visited by volunteers of the Society to monitor their progress. There should be no difficulty in finding plumbing jobs in the various villages but the Society will also help them to find jobs if necessary.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to purchase plumbing tools and materials plus study materials, teaching aids, food and basic necessities for the students during the six-month course. The Society will contribute with the salary of the Project Coordinator-cum-Instructor and rental of the premises for training.
Beneficiaries: 20