IND/08/010 - Sepaipara Integrated Development Project

Country India
Total project budget ($USD) $8,002
Requested funding ($USD) $5,002
Project development type Improve Physical Environment
Name of Requesting Association Human Wave Italia
Objective: Improve living, health and sanitary conditions of local population and build community centre. Beneficiaries: Local population of 1166 persons of whom about 45% are female (541), about one-third are of school age 6-19 (384) and 12% are 5 years or you
Background: Education and public health services, sanitation and water supply are relatively poor in this community and similar, relatively isolated communities in the southern part of West Bengal. Only about 25% of the population is literate. Health conditions are a
Use of Funds: Over a period of two years, the funds will be used to construct a community centre (to act also as an educational, health and first aid centre), construct basic latrines (20 x 2 years), and realization of a medium deep well equipped with a hand pump.
Beneficiaries: 1166