PAK/07/040 - Animal -Raising Project

Country Pakistan
Total project budget ($USD) $0,000
Requested funding ($USD) $5,000
Project development type Animal Husbandry
Name of Requesting Association Remedy Welfare & Development Organization (RWDO)
Objective: This project will assist farmers to improve their income and fulfill their basic needs by raising sheep and selling wool and dairy products.
Background: The Remedy association is already assisting the sheep and goat farmers involved in this project. The group has discussed the project which will improve their living conditions and the welfare of the entire community of the zone. An initial stock of 60 sheep will be purchased; farmers will also sell the wool at the nearby market a where there is a regular demand for it, while sheep’s milk and meat will supplement the community’s regular diet. Every six months each farmer’s flock should increase, so that within one year 5-6 lambs are expected. Each individual beneficiary family would be responsible for the care and maintenance of the sheep. They will look after them and be responsible for disease protection. The Remedy Organization will assist the farmers by providing them with veterinary assistance. Tthey will organize training for the project beneficiaries about sheep raising, milk processing and wool production. They will also be given awareness training about seasonal infections and the necessary vaccinations. The purpose of providing training to the beneficiaries is to achieve higher profits and to avoid any kind of loss.
Use of Funds: The funds will be used to purchase 60 sheep to be distributed among 12 families of Thatti village