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Central and South America

Project ID: PER/01/182
Country: Peru
Project location: The School is situated in Chilca, Cañete, province in the South of Lima.
Project status: Project in progress

To provide a better infrastructure and utensils for the meal service, that will provide breakfast and lunch to children from 3 to 5 years old, all from poor areas in Lima.

Project ID: ARG/03/002
Country: Argentina
Project location: The Province of Formosa. Extreme north of Argentina
Project status: Project in progress

To help 8 elderly locals develop the land donated by the Catholic church (in the poorest region of Argentina) in a way that they can help themselves to survive and live with dignity. The parish youth will help the elderly and gain agricultural training

Project ID: HON/10/029
Country: Honduras
Project location: Central part of the Dept. of Atlántida.
Project status: Project in progress

Improve tree nursery facilities including better irrigation systems, better germination beds, expansion and increase of the area covered by germination and propagation beds. A large watershed water producing area will be reforested using plants from the school nursery. Improved teaching materials for the students on how to produce better quality trees for reforestation and agroforestry farms. Local communities will produce plants of good genetic quality for multiple uses in order to achieve better food security. Income generated will allow further reinvestment to enhance nursery, tree production and, in a not-too-distant future, diversify the species to be produced according to market demand.

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