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Central and South America

Project ID: ARG/19/039
Date of request: 30 May 2019
Country: Argentina
Project location: La Plata
Project status: Project in progress
The project, already in progress, consists of the construction of a classroom-laboratory for teaching arts and crafts to young people and adults in our area of influence in the southwestern periphery of La Plata. We need these additional funds to be able to complete the work that makes the classroom accessible to start whit the first courses before the end of this year. This is the request raised by the University of La Plata, that will take over the [...]
Project ID: BRA/13/131
Date of request: 07 Nov 2013
Country: Brazil
Project location: Centro Barra Nova
Project status: Project in progress
See below - bakery equipment and renovation
Project ID: HAI/13/075
Date of request: 30 May 2013
Country: Haiti
Project location: Boucanlamare, Gonave island
Project status: Project in progress

Restore the provision of drinkable water to the population and irrigation water to sprinkle gardens and crops for the affected families ii) continue with the house construction project (following the 2010 earthquake) which was interrupted due to the water shortage.

Spare part needed to continue pumping water for irrigation for plants and for drinking water.
Project ID: PER/10/116
Date of request: 12 Oct 2010
Country: Peru
Project location: Calapuja, Lampa Province, Peru
Project status: Project in progress

Reforestation, soil conservation and small scale vegetable plots on land belonging belonging to the Asociación Civil Artesanias de Calapuja, Lampa Province, Peru

Project ID: HAI/10/094
Date of request: 07 Sep 2010
Country: Haiti
Project location: 11th section of the Gônave Island, Haiti
Project status: Project progress/final reports received

To enable farmers of the area to become self-sufficient in cultivating and growing their own crops.

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