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Project ID: NPL/19/024
Date of request: 07 Apr 2019
Country: Nepal
Project location: Khokana Village
Project status: Project in progress
Goat production plays a significant role and opportunity in the economic and cultural life in Nepal, and goat accounts for 20 percent of the nation’s demand for meat. In Nepal, goat meat is unique in that there are no cultural, ethnic or caste taboos against goat meat, unlike other meats. Goat meat experiences its highest demand during the Dashain and other national festivals in Nepal. Despite this, Nepal’s producers have been slow to respond to an ever-rising [...]
Project ID: IND/17/004
Date of request: 29 Jan 2017
Country: India
Project location: Taduku,puttur
Project status: Completed
TITLE OF THE PROJECT SUMMERY Providing purified drinking water through reverse osmosis system (RO Plant) in VenugopalaPuram village. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT SHORT-TERM The short-term goal of the project is to provide safe and potable drinking water for the children studying in Mandal Perished Primary School in VenugopalaPuram people in the Near villages. LONG –TERM The project is envisaged to prevent water borne diseases and help the children in the school and the villager to lead a healthy life. It also helps preventing the women to [...]
Project ID: PAK/16/036
Date of request: 17 Jun 2016
Country: Pakistan
Project location: Farash, Islamabad
Project status: Completed
AIM OF THE PROJECT: The project supports poor 10 families in 05 rural areas of Islamabad through introducing the concept of sustainable beekeeping and providing them with education, financial support, and technical cooperation in the field PROJECT DESIGN: The overall project’s target group is selected to be 10 poor farmers from 05 rural areas of Islamabad, with an aim to provide them with additional sources of income and reduce their insecurity. Honey production has been a reliable revenue generating activity, with [...]
Project ID: IND/15/063
Date of request: 08 Aug 2015
Country: India
Project location: Arni - rural
Project status: Completed
The project will be implemented to support 75 women from arunthathiar,irula & kuravar &community in ARNI TALUK – Tiruvannamalai Dt. To start with10 women will be selected to get support to run their income generation activities successfully. 75 women will be given training in project goals, details, financial literacy; book keeping activities for2 days so that the mothers will be ready to take up the project and document the same effectively. 10 women will be given US$ 158 per head [...]
Project ID: NPL/15/020
Date of request: 13 Mar 2015
Country: Nepal
Project location: Ilam District, Mechi Region
Project status: Completed
The Ilam Green City Initiative in Eastern Nepal includes the establishment of a tree nursery for each of the twenty-eight schools in the municipality. In support of this initiative, this proposal addresses the establishment of nurseries at three of these schools in 2015 in collaboration with the Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC), the local project manager, a highly successful and respected Nepali NGO working in the region since 1985. The Ilam Green City Initiative is an ambitious and multi-faceted [...]
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