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Project ID: CMR/12/063
Date of request: 27 Aug 2012
Country: Cameroon
Project location: x
Project status: Project in progress

Income generation through poultry raising, empowerment and protection of widows’ rights

Generate income by poultry raising
Project ID: BEN/12/055
Date of request: 15 Jul 2012
Country: Benin
Project location: goho
Project status: Project in progress

Production of food

as above
Project ID: KEN/12/002
Date of request: 10 Jan 2012
Country: Kenya
Project location: Ol Joro Orok
Project status: Project progress/final reports received

Traditional poultry production

as above title
Project ID: KEN/11/117
Date of request: 28 Oct 2011
Country: Kenya
Project location: Not defined
Project status: Completed

Not defined

Project ID: SEN/11/113
Date of request: 22 Oct 2011
Country: Senegal
Project location: Ndiobène, arrondissement de Méouane, Senegal
Project status: Completed

To generate income and reduce hardship for rural women through the mechanization of peanut processing

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