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Project ID: GHA/13/098
Date of request: 19 Jul 2013
Country: Ghana
Project location: Santokofi Bume village
Project status: Project in progress
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Project ID: KEN/13/091
Date of request: 20 Jun 2013
Country: Kenya
Project location: Central Kisii.
Project status: Project in progress
The project entails development of integrated agricultural production and environmental conservation systems that will promote horticulture production as a business as well as conserve the environment. The steep degraded valley sides of our area will be terraced and terraces planted with soil stabilizing tree species and fruits as well as grasses e.g nappier and banner grass. Tree nurseries will also be developed in valley bottoms and used for agro-forestry activities in the area and crop residues and all other forms [...]
Project ID: UGA/13/037
Date of request: 22 May 2013
Country: Uganda
Project location: Kasese
Project status: Project in progress
To mobilize communities to initiate measures that can increase food security as a means of improving on the health of women, children and people with disabilities and ending violence against women. To mobilize and train rural women in the use of organic fertilizers in maize, vegetable growing and kitchen gardens in order to enhance food security through sustainable farming and counteract malnutrition. To improve rural women’s social economic status through sale of both agriculture and livestock products.
Project ID: UGA/13/035
Date of request: 21 May 2013
Country: Uganda
Project location: Kilhambayiro village, Kabingo parish, Munkunyu s/c, Kasese district, Rwenzori region, Western Uganda
Project status: Project in progress
Improved yam production and training
Project ID: BEN/13/032
Date of request: 11 May 2013
Country: Benin
Project location: Porto Novo
Project status: Project in progress
Building a hangar for orphan, HIV children