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Project ID: BEN/14/086
Date of request: 08 Jun 2014
Country: Benin
Project location: Le projet est situé dans l’arrondissement de Koussoukpa, situé dans la commune de Zogbodomey, département du Zou en République du Bénin. La République du Bénin est située dans le Golfe de Guinée au sud de l’Afrique Occidentale
Project status: Project in progress
L’arrondissement de Koussoukpa est situé dans la commune de Zogbodomey, département du Zou en République du Bénin en Afrique de l’Ouest. Il compte trois villages dans lesquels les femmes subissent la violence. Elles sont pour la plupart des chefs de ménage à cause du décès de leur conjoint ou de la polygamie. De ce fait, elles ont en charge aussi de la gestion économique du ménage. Mais les moyens font défaut à cause des conditions défavorables de la production vivrière [...]
Project ID: GHA/14/084
Date of request: 05 Jun 2014
Country: Ghana
Project location: OKADJAKROM
Project status: Project in progress
The project focus on environmental Awareness including an appreciation of high poverty among the disadvantaged and marginalized rural poor peasant farmers and natural resource depletion. The project will build the beneficiaries capacity in ways to which prevent increasing bush burning, post harvest losses, tree clearance and watershed mismanagement as these are rapidly diminishing the the natural resources, soil fertility and biodiversity turning the environment into harsh non-productive with diminishing returns location in which to live. Building the capacity of the [...]
Project ID: UGA/14/047
Date of request: 26 Mar 2014
Country: Uganda
Project location: Western Uganda, Kasese District, Kisinga Sub-County
Project status: Completed
To increase domestic incomes of the rural poor engaged in Arabica coffee growing and trade in Kisinga -Kasese.
Project ID: UGA/14/035
Date of request: 14 Mar 2014
Country: Uganda
Project location: northern uganda
Project status: Completed
Whereas water is an important resource and its life, during current resettlement in Obalanga after the war it’s a crisis and an emergency in this era, people deserted this community and water springs become bushy and where being used by wild animals, the two unprotected springs continued supplying unsafe water to surrounding homes for consumption coupled with worse hygienic condition and lack of reasonable alternative access to safe clean [...]
Project ID: BDI/14/030
Date of request: 05 Mar 2014
Country: Burundi
Project location: Rutovu Commune in Bururi Province
Project status: Project in progress
The proposed pig farming project aims at providing quality technical and financial support to rural pig farmers's association located in Rutovu Commune of Bururi Province in southern Burundi. Farmers will be trained in improved pig farming techniques and will be provided with young pig to start with. In addition, farmers will be linked to other donors for other needs such as medications and animal feed. Target beneficiaires are members of local farmers' association made of vulnerable people. The expected results [...]