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Project ID: MDG/19/067
Date of request: 26 Sep 2019
Country: Madagascar
Project location: Antolojanahary
Project status: Project in progress
The objective of this project is to increase the area of trees and woodland around Antolojanahari, in Madagascar. Madagascar has an extremely high rate of deforestation resulting in environmental degradation and biodiversity loss, as well as for local communities who depend on the forests for livelihoods and well-being.
Project ID: UGA/19/014
Date of request: 21 Feb 2019
Country: Uganda
Project location: buburabi village , Namatala Parish Mbale Uganda
Project status: Project in progress
WOMEN PROTECTION SOCIETY (WPS) is a community based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda, helping women and vulnerable children reach their full potential through education and other opportunities.is dedicated to serving suffering humanity step by step and finally creating an environment for women and children that respects their rights, health, child development etc. The organization operates in rural areas with rural poor families and disadvantaged children such as orphans and vulnerable children affected by poverty and WPS is [...]
Project ID: UGA/19/011
Date of request: 31 Jan 2019
Country: Uganda
Project location: Kalonge village, Kyarumba sub-county,Bukonzo county,Kasese district,Uganda
Project status: Project in progress
The project will focus on establish an apiary on a reserved piece of land that this women bee farmers provided. It will impart knowledge and skills to the members and the community on how to address poor use of land, finding ways to improve sustainable agricultural practices for increased food production. The main goal of this project is to improve the income generating capacities of rural poor farming women in Uganda through high value adding bee keeping farming. The project [...]
Project ID: CMR/19/001
Date of request: 04 Jan 2019
Country: Cameroon
Project location: Soppo village community
Project status: Project in progress
The aim of the project is to enhance education by providing classroom furniture (benches, tables and chairs) and a mini-library for poor, needy and internally displaces children attending Soppo primary school. The specific objectives are: -To supply 40 benches, 10 tables and 10 chairs to the school -To construct the necessary furniture for the mini-library (a book shelve) -To supply 150 text books and other learning materials in the library -To improve access to books and other learning materials for 240 children and 10 [...]
Project ID: COD/18/061
Date of request: 19 Sep 2018
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Project location: KAMURONZA Area
Project status: Project in progress
The beekeeping project and genration incomes at the population of North Kivu Province in Democratic Republic of Cong in implented since january 2018. The pedagogocal apiary is installed, the hives are already colonised by bees. So, the PAEDE sollicits a complement fund which can permit him to get materials for keeping honey as a store(ware-house) and a engine waffle-iron who will help beekeepers in making bees wax.
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