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Laborer Through Backyard Poultry Keeping
Recevied the following feedback from Project Organizers. Greetings from Children Watch, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India ! Herewith we submit the progress reports on the project proposal of sustained income for the released bonded women laborer through back yard poultry keeping to do indigenous country poultry keeping activities for regular and sustained income and also nutrition to their families duly filled in the prescribed format for your kind perusal. Enclosed please find the photos on the activities. The project is benefiting successfully the initial and primary 40 women in the target villages. They are already sharing 2 chicks to their fellow women who live in their villages itself, and so far 10 women are engaged in poultry keeping activities. On behalf of the women and their families, we express our sincere thanks to 1% fund for Development, Rome, Italy for their partnership with Children Watch to undertake this important project.