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10 Aug 2020 Benin & Bahamas - BEN/20/020 - Restoration of a children’s rest area in Abomey Paediatric Hospital Renovation of a 70m2 room in a bad state of repair in the Abomey Paediatric Hospital and installation of rest and play facilities for children undergoing surgery and family members. Purchase of furnishings, a tv and decoder.   BHS/19/098 - Restoration of Apiculture [...]
01 Dec 2019 Worldwide - 1. Supporting Beekeepers on Fiji’s two Main Islands (queen breeding, training and increasing capacity of small-scale/new beekeepers), Fiji  FJI/19/030     2. Providing Soppo Village School with furniture, a small library and renovated washroom and latrine facilities, Cameroon CMR/19/001    3. Toilet Facilities for Buburabi village primary school, Namatala, Mbala Uganda UGA/19/014     4.  Helping Rural Women Beekeepers increase Production Capacity [...]
05 Aug 2019 Kokaka village, Konye Sub Division, Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon -                                                                    Date: 4th August, 2019 FINAL PROJECT NARRATIVE REPORT Project Ref no:CMR/18/016   I)               Reporting Organization: Centre for Community Development and [...]
07 Jun 2019 Worldwide - 1. IND/18/025 - Sanitation Facilities for Young Women attending St Peter Paul School in Mugaiyur, Tamilnadu, India     2. TGO/18/50 -   Small-scale Agricultural Production and Rural Entrepreneurship in Kouma area, Togo . Dedicated to Tony Wade, founder member of the Rome 1% Fund    3. GTM/18/063 - Expanding Beekeeping and Honey Production in Northern [...]
08 Mar 2019 Worldwide - Audit of Financial Statement for 2018
08 Mar 2019 Worldwide - Audit of Financial Statement for 2017    
09 Jan 2019 Africa - 1. CMR/18/016 Sinking of a new well and repair of an existing well in the Kokaka village, Konye Sub Division, Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon to increase access to drinkable water by 300 villagers and reduce time spent queueing for, and carrying, water.      2. CMR/18/015 Improving nutrition and income for women [...]
20 Dec 2018 Dear 1% Fund Members,   Today is the 1% Calendar Day when we distribute our calendar that illustrates some of the micro projects that have been funded during the course of the year. This is our main way of publicizing the 1% Fund and we normally gain a few new members on [...]
11 Dec 2018 1% Fund Calendar Day on Thursday 13 Dec 2018. 
26 Nov 2018 Tanzania - To help complete work on a community health centre Kindly note that work on sanitation and hygiene facilities is still going on. 1. So far we have been able to do the earthwork, including digging the ground for the Soaking Pit (depth 12 feet, diameter 12 feet) and Septic [...]
11 Oct 2018 Worldwide - 1. Chicken production in Cantón Tosagua, Manabí, Ecuador ECU/18/066    2.  Improving productivity of small-scale market gardens and livestock, Kamonyi district, Rwanda (RWA/18/037)    3. Installation of sewage works and mosquito-proof windows for a health centre serving seven villages, Maruku and Kanyangereko wards, Tanzania (TZA/18/039)     4. Decreasing malnutrition and mortality rates among children and pregnant [...]
01 Aug 2018 Project Description Sheets attached.  ZMB/17/075 – Sanitation for Children’s Nutrition Centre, Chililabombwe, Zambia.   PAK/18/X – Helping 75 rural families to become food self-sufficient, Faisalabad, Pakistan–   COD/17/065 add – Sustainable beekeeping training in Goma, to improve nutrition and generate income through the sale of honey, wax and propolis, Democratic Republic of Congo (DPR) 
14 Dec 2017 FAO HQ Rome - 1% Fund Calendar Day on Thursday 14 Dec 2017. Also distributed in WFP HQ Rome this week.
15 Jul 2017 Canchis Province, Peru - Project Code:  PER/17/047 Objectives:   To collect rain water from the school roof and store it in tanks for use in the school washrooms, laundry and vegetable plot   1% Funding: USD 2,200   Beneficiaries:  200 (fifty young people passing through the home each year and their families)   Use of Funds:  Water pipes 1 x storage tank for drinking water 2 x [...]
15 Jun 2017 Manabí - Project Code:  ECU/17/026 Objectives: To replace fishing nets, lines and hooks that were lost or damaged in the earthquake which struck the region in April 2016. Replacing fishing gear for members of the “El Guadual” Association of Artisanal Fishing, Manabí Province, Cojimíes Parish, El Guadual, Ecuador  Use of Funds: Twenty four x 2.2 x 4 metre fishing [...]
15 Jun 2017 Wamunyu-Mwala sub-county, Machakos county - Project Code:   KEN/15/45   Beneficiaries: Direct 40 AMM members, 250 indirect and wider community 1500   Background: Climate change is having a great impact on rural communities who rely on small-scale farming for their livelihoods. This can lead to increased levels of poverty and hunger, with women and children, the majority in rural areas, [...]
30 May 2017 Worldwide - Approved May 2017: BDI/16/091 - Rehabilitation of the Murakaza School, SAB, Bujumbura – BURUNDI - 5,000 USD - The direct beneficiaries are 158 pupils aged between 3 to 16 years old (90 boys and 58 girls) and their 3 teachers, as well as the 189 participants in vocational training programme [...]
30 Sep 2016 Worldwide - Approved Sep 2016: IND/14/006 - Improve Livelihood and Nutritional Status of Malayali Tribal Communities – INDIA - USD 5000 IND/14/109 - Sustained Income for the Released Bonded Women Labourers Through Backyard Poultry Keeping – INDIA - USD 4,800 MOR/15/022 – The School of Tafraout (Mondo Incantato/Akabar) – MOROCCO – EUR6,230 NIR/15/006 – Capacity Building [...]
05 Sep 2016 Kavanthandalam Kalakattur Thammanur and Kambarajapuram located in Kanchipuram district - Project Code: IND/14/109 Objective: To provide sustainable income for Irula and dalit women who have been released from slavery Beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries are around 40 Irula and dalit women, and their families. Through breeding and sharing of chicken with other beneficiaries 120 women and their families are expected to benefit in three years’ time.  Background:               Children [...]
31 May 2016 Worldwide - Approved May 2016: NIR/14/099 - Training of Farmers on Organic Rice Farming Methods and Provision of Machinery – NIGERIA – US$ 5,000 – Direct Beneficiaries approx. 300 farmers (m&f)   KEN/15/023 - Establishment of Five Seed Banks as Sources of Cheaper Planting Materials for Poor Farmers – KENYA – US$ 5,200 - – [...]
31 Dec 2015 Worldwide - Approved Dec 2015: SOM/14/126 - South Galkacyo Rural Women Agricultural Support Project for 75 Women Farmers – SOMALIA – USD 3,450 PAK/15/009 - Livelihoods Recovery Project in Flood-affected Rajan Pur-Punjab District – PAKISTAN - EUR 4,500 NEP/15/018 – Sustainable Income Generating Goat Scheme for 25 Marginalized and Oppressed Dalit Women and their Households [...]
10 Dec 2015 Objective:  To empower the widow, disadvantaged poor women through goat rearing program and relieve them clutches of poverty, save them from hunger and malnutrition. To give good clothing, schooling and three time meal for their children; fulfill basic needs of family.Activities:  - At first we have appointed the eligible women coordinator to [...]
16 Jan 2015 Horticulture farming and environment conservation in Kenya; maize planting and livestock rearing among rural women in Kagando parish, Uganda; alternative employment for stone quarry female workers in banana fibre extraction for handicrafts and bag making in India; rehabilitation of Bume Crèche School in Ghana; purchase of bakery equipment for a [...]
16 Jan 2015 We would like to bring it to your kind attention that we have implemented the project called “Sustainable livelihood project for a tribal community in Jawadhu Hills” Project reference No: IND / 13 / 073 in June 2014.  Thank you for providing us an opportunity to serve the tribal community [...]
11 Oct 2013 The following projects were voted in by the members of the fund in October 2013. IND/13/029 Production of environmentally friendly, cost-effective jute products (USD 4,950). NEP/12/086 Livestock rehabilitation project (Euro 5,543).  KEN/12/002 Sustainable traditional poultry production to improve the lives of marginalized widows (USD 5,428). 
31 Jul 2013 The following projects were voted in by the members of the fund in July 2013. HAI/13/075Repair the photovoltaic installation for pumping water through replacement of a broken electrical part (inverter). Euro 4,184 CMR/12/063 Improve the income of widows in Lebialem Division. USD 6,000 NIR/12/088Establishment of small-scale cassava processing mill. USD 5,000
31 May 2013 The following projects were voted in by members of the fund May 2013. IND/12/072 Socio-economic empowerment of Dalit womenUSD 4,771 IND/12/074Goat and chicken rearing for people with leprosyUSD 4,950 GHA/12/084Grasscutter rearing USD 6,545 PER/13/028To build irrigation channel for better irrigation USD 3,500 UGA/12/054Construction of three shallow wells and repair of two existing wells USD 4,513 UGA/12/058Establishment [...]
11 Dec 2012 Rome - Thanks to all members who helped create and distribute the 2013 Calendar.
30 Aug 2012 Our thanks to the members who voted and approved a record 3 new projects proposed by the Project Appraisal Group (PAG). Also thanks to the PAG members for the hard work put into preparing these projects. Members of the fund are welcome to offer their help in appraising new projects.
19 Jul 2011 Many thanks to the 1% fund for approving this project, also on behalf of all the children of Akamasoa and of Father Pedro! Fabio Meloni, President, Amici di Padre Pedro onlus
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