Installation of water pump and storage tanks in the Posada de Belen children’s home (Chihuaco, Canchis Province, Peru) for sanitary use and watering the school vegetable plot.


Project Code:  PER/17/047


To collect rain water from the school roof and store it in tanks for use in the school washrooms, laundry and vegetable plot


1% Funding: USD 2,200


Beneficiaries:  200 (fifty young people passing through the home each year and their families)


Use of Funds: 

Water pipes

1 x storage tank for drinking water

2 x storage tanks for rain water, the laundry, sanitary purposes and irrigation of the school vegetable plot

Cement for the laundry floor

Installation of tanks



La Posada del Belén is the only home for abandoned and abused children in the Canchis Province (60,000 inhabitants), Peru, and serves towns and villages lying between 3,550 and 5,000 metres above sea level. Most of the young people in the home, for the most part girls, have been referred to the institution by the Peruvian Justice Ministry. The home was set up in 2002 by a group of Carmelite Sisters and moved into a new location under joint administration with local groups in the town of Sicuani in 2015 thanks to a donation. The home is open to children from all faith groups.

   The water pressure in Sicuani is permanently low and subject to daily interruptions, often for several hours at a time. To resolve this problem, La Posada del Belén has requested the 1% Fund to cover most of the costs of installing a centralized water collection system and storage tanks. The home wishes to pump drinking water into a tank when the local supply is functioning, and also to collect rainwater from the roof of the dormitories, schoolrooms and laundry building, which already have gutters and drainpipes. The three 2500 litre Rotoplast tanks, with an antibacterial lining, ( will be installed under separate roofs to store (i) drinking water; and (ii) rainwater for sanitary purposes, the laundry and for irrigating the home’s vegetable plots. The Project also foresees the laying of a new concrete floor in the laundry area, which at present made of compounded earth. The home has already received USD 900 from local benefactors towards this project. The installation of the tanks and floor will be carried out by paid workmen. The home already possesses an electric water pump.