Women Development Welfare Organization (WDWS) - India

Objective:  To empower the widow, disadvantaged poor women through goat rearing program and relieve them clutches of poverty, save them from hunger and malnutrition. To give good clothing, schooling and three time meal for their children; fulfill basic needs of family.

- At first we have appointed the eligible women coordinator to run the project towards success.
- With cooperation of w.d.w.s. volunteers women coordinator registered the beneficiaries for this program – goat rearing.
- Registered 25 women were trained for 4 days at WDWS office by Dr. Swapna veterinary doctor for rural areas.
- In this training classes Dr. Swapna explained very well about the methods of rearing, breading, scientific methods, diseases, immunization, medicine government providing, claiming of insurance, feeding etc...
- The project in-charge explained the plan of action, benefits of project to the women and to avoid any risks during the project implementation.
- In the last week of January we have distributed the goat units to the women or rearing.
- For every quarter we have conducted project evaluation meetings to know the progress. In these meetings we directly communicated with women and solved the problems raised.
- In the middle of the project we made women in to 2 groups (SHG) and introduced small savings, thrift and credit schemes.

The achievements:  
- Introduced income generating activity – goat rearing for 25 women
- Improved financial condition of target women families.
- Now the women are in the situation of giving nutrition food to their children.
- Women are living the days without starvation.
- Improved confidence levels of women, gained knowledge of how to improve living standards, small savings, micro loans etc...
- Knew the importance to eliminate social evils, unscientific believes.
- Injected the plan of help each other (intra – inter help system)  

In Karimnagar district we have implemented many programs but this is the first time we have implemented goat rearing project with kind support of 1% fund – Rome.  We are very happy to tell you that we have successfully implemented the project and achieved the anticipated results.

Gender & Youth: Through the training programs we put a concept to get gender equality among the participants and civil society men, women from the family level. This will give good future to their children. They (girl child) won’t face any discrimination in their future. Apart from goat rearing training we just give some knowledge about their rights, equality with men, women atrocities, supporting legal sections in law and also aware about Human rights commission where the department can help in protection of rights.