7 projects approved by Membership in Nov 2019 e-vote


1. Supporting Beekeepers on Fiji’s two Main Islands (queen breeding, training and increasing capacity of small-scale/new beekeepers), Fiji  FJI/19/030  


2. Providing Soppo Village School with furniture, a small library and renovated washroom and latrine facilities, Cameroon CMR/19/001 


3Toilet Facilities for Buburabi village primary school, Namatala, Mbala Uganda UGA/19/014  


4.  Helping Rural Women Beekeepers increase Production Capacity in Kisanga Ward, Nyamwamba, Kasese  UGA/19/011  


5. Reforestation in Madagascar: Planting Trees to Plant a Better Future Madagascar  MDG/19/067


6. Income Generation for Rural Women  through Goat Rearing NPL/19/024


7. Reconstructing together through the teaching of work skills. Completion of a classroom/workshop ARG/19/039