Projects voted & approved in June 2019


1. IND/18/025 - Sanitation Facilities for Young Women attending St Peter Paul School in Mugaiyur, Tamilnadu, India    

2. TGO/18/50 -   Small-scale Agricultural Production and Rural Entrepreneurship in Kouma area, Togo . Dedicated to Tony Wade, founder member of the Rome 1% Fund   

3. GTM/18/063 - Expanding Beekeeping and Honey Production in Northern Guatemala. Dedicated to Mark Davis, who retired from FAO last December    

4. COD/18/065  - Construction of a Honey Decanting and Storage Space for the Goma Sustainable Beekeeping Project, DPR Congo   

5.  KEN718/022 - Assisting Poor Households to Grow Nutritious Food Economically and Sell Produce Locally at Affordable Prices, Keroka, Kenya