Sewage works and mosquito-proof windows for a health centre serving seven villages, Maruku and Kanyangereko wards.


To help complete work on a community health centre

Kindly note that work on sanitation and hygiene facilities is still going on.

1. So far we have been able to do the earthwork, including digging the ground for the Soaking Pit (depth 12 feet, diameter 12 feet) and Septic Tank ( 8 ft x 10 ft-rectangular, depth 12 ft) This is work in progress. The digging is done manually. The ground is rocky (hard full of rocks)

2. We have completed the construction of 32 waste water chambers

3. We have completed laying down of 30 waste water drainage pipes


Next stage:

  1. Construction of sanitation and hygiene facilities, including 10 septic chamber tanks and soakage pits, cement works, pipes and other sanitary ware (USD 7,600) on land owned by a local health trust.
  2. Procurement and installation of 38 aluminium/fibre glass window frames, windows and anti-mosquito gauze shutters (USD 7,000)